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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Sebastier koh, see I so good come help you clear spiderwebs. Faster post arbo your blog really going to die ler, tag you also never reply. Jealous, your blog dead my blog also dead, yours got people tag mine no have. Tsktsk. 好吧! 再见咯! Goodbye.

Jesslyn ♥ hellokitty.

Fishing day~
Monday, June 14, 2010

Did you see a face in the pic?

So ke lian de fish !

Hi, long time never post le leh. hahah. Byebye

Sunday, May 16, 2010

NI HAO. WO SHI NATNAT TOH. Sebas is a pig, a lazy bak gua. He owe me bak gua and durian cus i help him to blog.

This pig is sebas koh! WO DE BAK GUA AND DURIANNNNN!!!!!!! ^^

Kim seng brithday!
Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Present that god gave kim seng ! LOL !

On the 27th april, Kim seng birthday ! We went to pui leng house gave kim seng a surprise after learning za kar. After celebrating we went to east coast, Gigi wei chong wee kiat was there to help kim seng celebrate too ! Ate at there. After that they went pub and i went home . hahahah

Kim seng

Johnson, Me,Glen,He yi ,Kenny , Kim seng and Jeremy

water fall
Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yesterday night 9+ wai hei called me he say he want intro me nice place to play. He say golden mile got fun one. Then i called eric and jianhao. Meet eric then cab to fetch eric camp mate then jiu go golden mile. Meet jianhao and glenn at there. Reach there some can't get in. zzz ! Jianhao and glenn say want go zui bar but they went home ! ZZZ ! Me wai hei eric and his two camp mate inside sit then drink beer. Wasted 60+ at there -.- Found there too sian then we went resort. Wai hei went home. Reach resort about 3am+ order 3 jugs. Drink till 5am, Then went geyland eat. Eat le jiu went home. Spend 100+ ZZZ. Also dunno spend on what. zzz, till here ! Going to meet them at sk le . Bye ! :D

Yes! It's back
Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lap top is finally back from repairing ! Unable to post or relink people last few week. But now can le :D hahahahah ! School as per normal today . Waited kang then bus to sk with ben . Reach sk, no people. Ben say jesslyn and steffi at 739, so we went there to find them. They eat then shi yun came to pass jess camera. After that chit chat then want go shing shong but haven't open yet . -.-" Rain... Went to NTUC buy thing then go back 739 sit cause steffi say sk no chair to sit due to raining . Was raining cats and dogs. About 6pm+ Went home. Use comp then went down eat with parents at 744. That was already about 8pm+ . LoL.. Slack downstair awhile then went home. hahahah ^^


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